In the construction field, three essential requirements are distinguished, that must be followed even since the designing stage: serviceability of the structure, strength and stability of a building, and on the same time obtaining some optimal execution costs. Phoenix Engineering was set up precisely for that idea, ensuring a strong collaboration between designing and execution, which would lead to special results from the laying stage of a work.
Phoenix Engineering is a young company, benefiting of the services of a young team of engineers, with a rich experience in designing civil and industrial buildings. We are proud of our portfolio of projects executed according to the Romanian and European standards in force and which ensured at the same time minimal costs of the works execution. We are also specialized in redesigning structures, having a history of important clients such as YAZAKI COMPONENT TECHNOLOGY of Arad, BOG'ART VEST Timisoara, ANETTE Covaci Guest House that obtained reductions of the costs with construction materials necessary to make the structures between 20 and 35% compared to their initial projects.
An intelligent and well-informed beneficiary will always know that in order to minimize aggregate cost and to accomplish a good quality building, he must find a good designer, who would provide viable solutions concerning safety, cost and maintenance of the real estate and who should have the skills, wish and capacity to provide solutions. We assure you that we can be such designers for you. It only rests for you to convince yourself that it is like that, by confidently requesting our services!

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