Either you intent to build a house, a block of flats, an industrial hall, a cereal bin, a tank or any other special structure, we are available for you. We have a history of successfully designed and executed objectives in all fields and we have also the experience of executing and implementing projects with E.U. funding.

Do you already have a project for an objective to execute and you have the feeling that it will induce exaggerated costs in execution? We are right here for you! We will make a free assessment of the project in order to confirm or as the case may be, to infirm your suspicion. You can also confidently call us for redesigning! We have a history of important clients that have already done it! (Yazaki Arad, Bog'Art Vest, Mahle Timisoara).

2page-imgDo you need a technical expertise for an existing building in order to extend or modify it? We are waiting for you with very fine prices for such services!

We guarantee the execution in the deadlines and minimum execution costs for any type of designing works!


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